Aura restaurant

Get carried away by our view, taste and emotions

Through a cuisine rich in tradition and research, we select the best products to bring you the essence, sap and value of our surroundings.

Menu, Aura Dimension


Fresh sea and lake fish, seafood crudités and warm fish delicacies, together with delicious land dishes, are the best way to start.


Bold combinations, local flavours, linked to the artisan and tradition of our fresh homemade pasta.


Our offerings include delicate fish recipes and succulent meat dishes to satisfy every palate.


Authenticity, imagination and goodies are the main ingredients of our desserts.

When knowledge enhances the flavour

The study of ancient recipes of Venetian cuisine and innovative preparation techniques, are the perfect union that constitutes the real identity of Aura restaurant – Food Art & Tradition.

Location, the majesty of Lake Garda

One of a kind location! Live the charm of the lake that will accompany your sensory experience in the name of taste. The panoramic dining room of Aura Restaurant – Food Art & Tradition is completely surrounded by windows that will allow you to admire the majesty of Lake Garda.

Spacious green area
Air conditioned room
Aura Restaurant

The exclusivity of a unique
view of Lake Garda

“Cooking is a direct, interesting, tasty and conscious art: it is heart”